Fundraising Opportunities

In-House Fundraising

Dooleys Tavern conducts selective fundraisers to help you raise money for your cause, and this includes in-house fundraisers as well as gift certificate donations for your event. Whether it’s sports teams, schools, someone in need of assistance, or your favorite charities, you can raise the money with our help. Our company offers three types of in-house fundraising programs.

Dooleys giveback fundraising program

This is where we can help create your organization’s fundraising campaign and explain how the program works. We’ll get in touch with your chairpersons and select a day for the event and design a flyer just for your group. Your team prints and distributes the flyers to your organization, network, or friends/family. For every purchase they make on the day of the fundraiser, we’ll donate 15% back to your organization one week after the event. This is a fabulous way to raise funds without having to plan a timed event at our restaurant.


Pizza and Salad or Pasta and Salad buffet

These events are held when your group is able to meet at a specific date, time, and place. The program allows you and our group to come to a mutual agreement on a date and time to have the fundraiser. Once the date and time are selected, we’ll offer your fundraiser a pizza and salad Or pasta and salad buffet at a discounted rate per person. We’ll help design your fundraising flyer (you’ll have to print and distribute this to your prospects prior to the event). We suggest $15 – $20 per person, but you can charge whatever you like. Beverages aren’t included.


Customize Your Event

Being faced with challenges is expected when it comes to helping raise money for many organizations, whether it’s your child’s school or church event, someone in need, or any valid cause. We can help organize and bring your event to life. Contact us today to customize your next event.

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NOTE: We accept fundraisers only if they meet our approval, and we only book fundraising projects when space and availability make such possible.

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